cw: my actual penis. if you click this, you will be looking at a penis. this is not a joke

me, opening every cw I see without thinking "man, what the hell, I didn't want to look at a penis"

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@BestGirlGrace relatable

more than I'd like to admit tbh

my triggle discipline with CWs isn't always as good as it should be tbh. also people could stand to be less vague with them sometimes >.>

@BestGirlGrace (not even saying that to slam people that post nudes or whatever, they're fine and totally valid, tbh.)

Me: that CW is really gross, def something I will not enjoy seeing. It was considerate of them to warn me so I can avoid it.


@BestGirlGrace I feel like the CW tag is overused and abused in mastodon and as a result people will click all of them, leading to the effect kind of being dulled

@sydia @BestGirlGrace For the most part I agree with this statement but I also have not had Deltarune spoiled for me because I manage to close all the CW'd posts before seeing the actual content

Hell, I still don't even know what Undertale is about because I don't read those posts

@violet @sydia I feel like part of the real value of CWs is that it encourages people to tag their posts for things that folks might want to mute. When I was trying to avoid Deltarune spoilers, muting "deltarune" and "delta rune" was a lot more effective because the cw system encouraged people to tag their posts.

@BestGirlGrace @violet @sydia the CW system would be a lot better if I could also filter CWs I don't want to be collapsed like "asking for tech help" or "shitpost"

@ben @violet @sydia Yeah, I want this a lot. Most CWs I want to see, but there's enough that I want the option on that I can't turn on Expand Everything.

@BestGirlGrace @violet @sydia glitchsoc has this extremely useless feature.

I specifically asked for the opposite of this.

@ben Whoa, that’s kinda exactly what I was looking for tbh. Just wish Toot! had something like that.

This post does not tell you what Undertale is about but might also be considered a spoiler Show more

This post does not tell you what Undertale is about but might also be considered a spoiler Show more

@BestGirlGrace if i see that, i gotta click just to see if they actually did put a penis in there

It doesn't always help that people will put a CW like that and then it's not actually that, it's a shitpost.

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