Font tool update:

- Now supports emoji shortcodes (only custom emoji for now, no unicode shortcodes).
- Supports multi-part custom emoji!
- If you've used the tool before, you will need to refresh your instance's emoji to get it to work.
- Clicking the link from your Mastodon instance's web UI should automatically load your instance's emoji if no emoji have been loaded yet.
- More Unicode fonts!


@ben How do I refresh my instance's emoji? I loaded and then my own instance again, and my right bar looks like this. I know I have &knuckles and the laser letters and some other stuff.

@BestGirlGrace if you don't have the full set of letters it'll show up to the system as regular emojis

As for &knuckles, try typing :andknuckles:.

@BestGirlGrace like some kind of list of links to tar files for instance owners?


If you mean the grouped emoji, you can get a list by running this in the developer console for now:

Object.entries( => e[1].length > 1).map(e => e[0])

@BestGirlGrace I wonder if I should just go down the list of instances my instance knows about and steal all their custom emojis and then sort through them manually.

@ben I was kinda working on a tool to automate this once upon a time, where you could type in an instance name, and it'd show you all their emojis, let you check a box next to all the ones you want, and then tar them up for you and let you download them. I kinda lost interest in that particular project, but it's there.

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