Happy Camper Pt. 1 (longpost, mild hypnokink) 

"Okay, girls!" Millie claps her hands at the front of the bus driving into the forest. "Phones off for the whole weekend! There's no service out in the woods, and we're gonna get to know each other!" Millie has been the queen bee of every group she's been part of her entire life. She's been captain of the cheerleader squad more years than not, and she looks the part. Big red ribbons tying her hair into twin blonde buns. Half the girls here didn't even want to go until she strong-armed them into it.

Including Tina. Tina wouldn't even be on Millie's radar if she didn't know how to make really good brownies. She had a plastic-wrapped paper plate of them in her bag because she knows how Millie is when she doesn't get what she wants.

Being around her for a weekend is hard enough when she's in a good mood. Tina pulls her phone out to check it one last time before Millie comes around. The network indicator at the top of the screen flashes pink.

The screen crackles for a few seconds. Every pixel flashes to life, each one beaming a different part of its payload into Tina's head. The volume shot up to maximum and the air filled with what could only be described as "modem noises that make you a good girl".

Everyone on the bus glared at Tina while she scrambled to turn her phone off. The screen sends one last swirly, pink pulse into Tina's mind. Just enough to let a certain cute virus take hold. Not much- really just a pink-haired spark.

Enough of a spark to slowly start a blaze in Tina's mind.


Happy Camper Pt. 2 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, musk) 

It's hard to notice anything changing from one moment to the next. Sure, after an hour, the highlights in your hair are a little pinker and the circuitry in your mind is in a little deeper. You feel a little better and a lot cuter. But if you're Tina, it's hard to notice. If anyone was paying attention to her, they might notice the extra spring in her step, the way she lets her fingers trail along someone's arm when she's talking to them, the extra smiles. Nobody's ever heard her hum before.

"Jeez, Tina." Millie teases. "When did you stop being such a gross nerd? You're almost fun to hang out with now."

Tina rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Millie." She thought. The swirling, crackling storm at the back of her head had other ideas.

Better ideas, like "She's cute, you should kiss her" and "She's super cute, you should hypnotize and then kiss her".

Tina laughed. Her eyes flash a hungry pink when she looks at the popular girl. "I know you love me."

"Was that a joke?" Millie sounded impressed. "Was that a joke from Tina 'My Favorite Movie Is Books' Neapolitan?" She rewards the shorter girl with a pat on the back and a laugh as she walked off. "Keep it up and you won't be eating lunch in the library any more."

Tina huffed. She liked eating lunch in the library! But she also liked the idea of having Millie on her side. Or underneath her. Or looking up at her with needy eyes and begging to have her mind wrapped around her finger. Or brainwashed into a cute little maid for a few hours every day.

Mmph, that one struck a chord with her. Really struck. It was getting hard to think about anything else. Tina looked around.

Her tent. She set down the load of firewood she'd collected outside, zips up the flap behind her, and sits down on her sleeping bag. She pulls her skirt down and closes her eyes. All the better to focus on that image of Millie.

Big, tall Millie, a head taller than Tina before she put her heels on. Her eyes all pink and blue and swirly. Giggling while she brushes around the room she's insulted so many times.

Bending over just enough to reveal her panties. Saying silly maid things like "Oh, this won't do at all~! Let me polish all your shoes after I do the laundry, Princess Grace!"

Grace? That wasn't her name. She didn't even know anyone named Grace. But then why did it feel so familiar? Why did it feel so right?

Tina reaches between her legs and wraps her hand around her big, meaty cock. Mmmph, was that always there? It'd look so good inside Millie's throat. Just a whiff of her musk would drive the cheerleader wild. She'd be begging to do anything just to taste it. Silly little maid Millie, doing all the cooking, making whatever treats Tina wants just to taste a drop of Princess Grace's cum~

Mmm, there's that name again. That name that slowly replaced her old one. The name that felt so right rolling around in her head. The same bolt of pink lightning that zapped her new cock into reality streaked down her hair. She used to have shiny black hair, now it's more of a dirty blonde with pink highlights and one screaming pink streak.

Long story short, Gracetina made a real mess in the tent thinking about everything she was going to do to Millie, and she knew just who was going to clean it up. <3

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 

Night fell. Everyone gathered around the campfire. Roasting their hot dogs and their marshmallows. Tina spread out on one of the logs surrounding the fire pit, showing off the new pink streak and highlights in her shiny black hair and the delicious bulge in front of her skirt. The dirty blonde streaks in her hair had faded for now. "You look different, Tina." One girl said. "Did you do something different with your hair and penis?" Gracetina scooted in close. Hand on shoulder. Leaning in close. A little pink spark jumped from lips to eardrum to brain, and she soon dropped the question like a good girl. A dreamy smile spread across her face and a thin pink ring wrapped around her irises. She even got a pat on the head for her troubles.

"Okay, girls!" Millie smiled and clapped her hands. "Let's go around the circle and tell scary stories! I'll start." Millie told a pretty standard flashlight-under-the-face story where the teenagers get menaced by a guy with a hook hand. When the rest of the girls gasped, Tina just laughed. "What, does Little Miss Library think she can outdo me just because she found the right end of the hair dye bottle?"

"Oh, I know I could." Gracetina stands up. The fire illuminates the fishnet stockings and suit jacket that just glitched into existence. Tina's "Books!" T-shirt poked out from underneath. "I will need a volunteer. Would you do me the honor, Miss Millie? There's a brownie in it for you~"

"Just don't be too weird. And no cameras!" She glared at the audience. They looked at each other like 'she remembers she took our phones, right?'

Gracetina chuckled. A brief flash of glitched pink lightning puts a magic wand in her white gloved hand. She taps it against Millie's temple. Pink circuitry traces down the side of her head. It pulses when Gracetina speaks. "Inject literal 'I'm not going to worry about that. I'm a good girl.'"

"I'm not going to worry about that. I'm a good girl." A blissful smile spreads across Millie's face. Thin pink circuit traces crawl into her eyes.

"Background load module Magician's Assistant. Alias name 'wakey wakey'. Foreground load module Dressup Dolly. Save and reboot." The circuitry pulses, casting brief, flickering flashes on Gracetina's smiling face. Millie's eyes roll into the back of her head for a moment as her brain is reprogrammed. Gracetina pulls the wand away and wakes Millie with a kiss on the cheek. "Welcome back, dear. Did you have fun?"

"You didn't do anything, nerd." Millie crossed her arms and scoffed. She shot a little glance at the giggling audience. They stopped.

"Of course I didn't, dear. You were only out for a moment. There's no way I could have made you a life-sized doll with no mind of her own, becoming whatever she's dressed up as. Even if we stripped you down, there's no way you'd be a empty-headed doll for me to play with."

"What are you talking about? Nothing happened! If you're all going to be weird about this, show's over. I'm goin-"

The wand swiftly cut down her backside. Millie's shirt and skirt fall to the ground, leaving her standing in her plain white bra and panties. Her mind seized up. Without her clothes, how would a silly dolly like her know what to be? "Going to what, dear~?" Gracetina teased. "Oopsie, did I empty your head?" She tapped her wand against Dolly Millie's head. A clear ceramic "clink!" rang out. "Yep, sounds empty to me! Now the fun can start."

She looked out at the crowd. They were starting to exchange worried glances. This was something more than a silly party trick. Gracetina winked and stomped her black high heel. A wave of pink circuitry energy pulsed along the ground and into each girl. They all got a flash of pink around their eyes, just like Millie. "Good girls enjoy the show. They get hornier and hornier with each passing moment. If they're really lucky and good, Princess might call you up on stage~" There they go. Now they're not going anywhere. They lean forward, eager to see just what will come next.

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 

Art from @whatdoidh@twitter.com !

Happy Camper Pt. 4 (long, hypnokink, hacking, dressup, stage shows, suiting) 

"First things first, every magician needs an assistant. What do you think, Millie?"

Millie doesn't move because she's an empty ceramic dolly!

"Sorry, folks. I forgot that dolls don't talk unless someone makes them." Gracetina laughs. "Normally, I would stick a big old key in her back, but we can have more fun than that. Isn't that right, Millie?"

Gracetina takes Millie's shiny ceramic chin and manually moves her mouth. "Whatever you say, Princess! You're so smart and perfect! There's no way I can think for myself~!" Gracetina says through her.

"I'll need a volunteer from the audience!" Gracetina announces, and every eye in the audience opens. The girls sit up in unison. Eyes locked on the magical princess. She takes her sweet time pacing around. Inspecting each volunteer. Taking their chin. Feeling them quiver. Listening to the sounds they make when they get the slightest hint of attention- and then the sounds they make when pink circuitry pulses up their chin, into their ears, and over their brain. Their eyes flash a lovely shade of pink, and they get all cute and drooly for a minute~

About halfway through, though, she strikes gold. A short little redhead. Her eyes are transfixed on Gracetina's fingers. When her chin is taken, her thighs clench together in raw bliss. Her back shoots up straight. She moans like she's never been touched on the chin by a brainhacked virus girl. Like she's never had pink circuitry zap from freckle to freckle, turning each one into a cute little heart. "Well, hello there." She squeezes that chin. "Good volunteers stand up." Pink electricity surges from her hand, through those heart freckles, and into her eyes. They roll back into her head. She has to be lifted onto her feet because her wobbling, shaking knees refuse to behave. "Ladies, what we have here is a rarity that I'm happy to share with you tonight! While everyone's at least a little subby, what we have here is a genuine hypnoslut. Isn't that right, dear?"

"Thank you, Princess~" The redhead coos, pink electricity crackling across her body and through her mind. Years of hypnosis fetishism made the paths for getting hacked by a virus girl nice and strong. "I'm a good girl, good girls obey~"

"Look at that. She's so eager to be mine, she comes with her own mantra." She taps her good girl on the head with her wand. "Set markers minus one sentence comma now. Repeat. Inject and execute."

"I'm a good girl, good girls obey~ I'm a good girl, good girls obey~" Her dreamy smile gets bigger and bigger with each repetition. Some of the other girls in the audience start to repeat, too. Looking into each other's eyes and chanting each other deeper and deeper under the same blissful spell. Gracetina hoists her eager volunteer over her shoulder and carries her back to waiting, empty Millie.

"Some of you might have noticed that I still don't have a beautiful assistant. All I have is a pretty dolly and a lovely little volunteer. But my pretty dolly has a secret~!" She puts the redhead down. Another Snap! and a few whispered words help the mantra-chanting redhead stand up straight. Her eyes are rolled all the way back up into her head. It's just pulsing pink circuitry now, flashing brighter with every chant.

"I'm a good girl, good girls obey~!" She moans. The trees and audience flash pink from her eyes alone. If the poor girl wasn't so brainjacked, she'd be a useless mess on the floor.

Gracetina taps her dolly's head with her wand. "Command inject prepare hot swap. Reconfigure kigu pod." Millie's eyes roll back into her head. The gentle whir and winding of clockwork is almost drowned out by the loud, lewd chanting just a few feet away.

A tap of her wand and a long, elegant stroke create a long, shiny zipper down dolly Millie's back. Gracetina opens it with a long, elegant "zzzzzip~!" She takes her lovely volunteer by the shoulder and taps her wand against the back of her neck. The redhead freezes. Her mantra catches in her throat. "Command inject rewind eight hours. Mantra background. Memory suppress hypnosis. Literal I've never been hypnotized. It's all nonsense. End literal compile and save." The audience stares, more jealous and horny than they've ever been in their lives.

The redhead's eyes flutter. "I've never been hypnotized. It's all nonsense." She repeats in the same blissful way she chanted her mantra. She blinks herself back to reality. "Tina?" She looks at the hypnotist, then at the girl unzipped in front of her. Her eyes get wide, but she doesn't panic. Something inside holds her gaze.

"What do you see in there, dear~?" Gracetina teases. "Tell all the nice people in the audience."

"It's full of spirals." She gasps, walking helplessly closer to the Millie doll suit. "And I can hear the most wonderful music. It's echoing all over my brain. It's drowning out my thoughts~" Mmm, someone was supposed to forget about her hypnosis fetish, but you can't keep a good hypnoslut down~ She steps into Millie's feet. Her face enters the mask full of spirals and speakers. The zipper closes behind her.

If, for some reason, you've never been inside a doll suit brainwashing pod, it's a wonderful experience. The differences between your body and the suit vanish.

You only feel what you're supposed to feel.
You only see what you're supposed to see.
You only hear what you're supposed to hear.
You only think what you're supposed to think.

The pink, pulsing spirals pressing against your eyes drill the correct thoughts deep into your brain. For our lucky volunteer, it's decades of training as Princess Grace's lovely stage assistant. The screen and the speakers implant countless shows and hours of training into her eager mind. Wearing lovely, revealing outfits. Developing more and more of a fetish for showing off and being used and embarrassed in front of an audience for Princess. Countless triggers seared deeper into your mind than actual memories. You could be any number of people at the drop of your own tiny top hat. Princess to dragon. Braniac to bimbo. Medusa to maid. You know just how to pick the best volunteers from the audience for Princess to make into the star of the show, and you love sharing the spotlight as much as you love being in it. Anything to make the show perfect for Princess, because that's what she deserves. It's like having your brain marinate in perfection for an eternity of blissful service.

Outside, it's just enough time for Princess to dress you in your fishnets, your black heels, and your cute little black top that boosts your boobs. Your porcelain eyes flutter open while she affixes your cuffs and bow tie. You wiggle your butt and feel the cottontail firmly stuck to your butt. Your floppy ears perfectly frame your tiny top hat.

"Bunny Butt Dolly, ready for action!" You giggle, presenting yourself to Princess and the crowd. They all gasp and moan.

"That's right, dears!" You hear, but when Princess talks to the audience, the words just bead up and roll off your silly bunny brain. You just get to look cute until Princess does a trick with you. "I've turned two volunteers into one assistant! An impossible feat for anyone but Princess Grace, Perfect Persuader, Mistress of the Mind!"

"Don't forget 'Perfect Princess~!'" You giggle.

"Thank you, dear." You get your ears pet. You love it when she does that because it reminds you of your place, and it means she's gonna use you! "For my next trick, I will~!"

Happy Camper Pt. 2 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, musk) 

@BestGirlGrace it seems I love all your writing :0

Happy Camper Pt. 2 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, musk) 

@BestGirlGrace more plz :3

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 


I didn't actually read any of that and I apologise, but how the FUCK did you cram that many characters into a toot

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 

@Gaynebula when you have your own instance, you can make the character limit whatever you want

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 

@BestGirlGrace jalkdfjaldf grace youve done it again,

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 

Happy Camper Pt. 3 (longpost, hypnokink, genitals, hacking, dressup, stage shows) 

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