"Princess, I know about hypnovir.us/hacked.html, but how can I take my game to the next level? Isn't your site just for :hacker_h::hacker_a::hacker_c::hacker_k::hacker_e::hacker_r::blank::hacker_t::hacker_e::hacker_x::hacker_t:​?"

"Of course not, dear! It can do :sm64_a::sm64_n::sm64_y::blank::sm64_e::sm64_m::sm64_o::sm64_j::sm64_i::blank::sm64_f::sm64_o::sm64_n::sm64_t: your instance supports, as long as each short code is "{prefix}{alphanum}{suffix}"


"Princess, what's the secret sauce? How come the posts I make using your tool come out so much better?" (nerd stuff below the fold) 

"It's because of the magic of the zero-width space. You can't see it because it's zero pixels wide, but it's enough to tell the computer that the two adjacent emoji things are, in fact, separate. This lets you do stuff like :peppapig1::peppapig2: without gaps. The tool handles this for you, but if you really believe, you can get one in your clipboard and use it to manually separate emoji posts. This is a pain, so I use hypnovir.us/hacked.html to do it for me!"

I should have had the questioner ask, like, "Princess, why does andknuckles come out so bad when I do it, but you're perfect in every way", but teaching is an adventure.

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