"Princess, I know about hypnovir.us/hacked.html, but how can I take my game to the next level? Isn't your site just for :hacker_h::hacker_a::hacker_c::hacker_k::hacker_e::hacker_r::blank::hacker_t::hacker_e::hacker_x::hacker_t:​?"

"Of course not, dear! It can do :sm64_a::sm64_n::sm64_y::blank::sm64_e::sm64_m::sm64_o::sm64_j::sm64_i::blank::sm64_f::sm64_o::sm64_n::sm64_t: your instance supports, as long as each short code is "{prefix}{alphanum}{suffix}"

"And what about stuff like :peppapig1::peppapig2:
:andknuckles_1::andknuckles_2::andknuckles_3::andknuckles_4::andknuckles_5::andknuckles_6::andknuckles_7::andknuckles_8: ? Can it help me with those?"

"Oh, it sure can. Try using the prefix, say ":andknuckles_", and typing 12345678 in the top box! The site even does the zero-width space for you so your emojis look their best."

"Golly! Is there anything it can't do?"

"It won't end racism, dear. You have to do that yourself."

"Thanks, Princess! I'm going to shitpost my brains out!"

"Any time, dear. Follow your dreams."


Anyways, go ahead and read this now, since I'll get rid of this when I launch my expensive lecture series: Six Secrets to Shitposting Success, coming soon to an airport hotel near you.

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