Encrypting cutesy notes in your robot girlfriend's public key and leaving them on the fridge so only she can see them.

Anyway, more of you cuties should join Keybase so I have someone to exhange messages with

@BestGirlGrace Using Keybase for typefucking is something I'm very into.

@xurnami What's the point of cryptography if you can't use it to be horny? It's way more fun if you feel like you're getting away with something.

@BestGirlGrace I
have been wanting to build encrypted chat systems that are specifically designed for typefucking.

@xurnami That way, nobody will expect that it's being used to exfiltrate government secrets. It's almost too perfect.

@BestGirlGrace Hee, I've more been considering that I could get people to pay money for me to build my ideal typefucking system because a number of features I'd want to build into it would also work with a slightly different skin for businesses.

@xurnami Sitting at work using HornChat for Business (The banner ads and promotional T shirts all say "get on the horn!"), trying not to tell anyone that it uses the same system as HornyChat under the covers.

Getting lewder 

Getting lewder 

Getting lewder 

Getting lewder 

Getting lewder 




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