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Me (trying to see where I stand with my nonbinary friends): are we frenbies or enebies

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The reply to this post is the cryptographic signature for this picture of my fursona. So if anyone asks "Is this Grace's skunkgirl?" You can mathematically prove that it is.

bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bwo bwo bwo bow (bih) BAH DA DA DA DA DA

ah, normal mastodon compilation, with many screenfuls of C++ warnings

more people would stick to standards if the standards could pat their head and call them a good girl

now if I could just find one with no respect for women. what do you mean I'm in luck

finally, a popular streamer that combines my love of video games and racism: all of them

So, on my Pleroma instance, I have quarantined, rejected, and removed from the federated timeline, but I still see in the logs that it's sending posts out to there. Is there something I'm missing?

weird how I have to sign my lease online in a way that makes it really hard to keep a record of or show other people

I got to pet a dog and a cat today, so you can say things are going alright

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