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I think this has been done before BUT a world where the superhero/villain scene is a kink thing. Traditionally, the hero is the top and "wins", though "gritty" pairs with villain tops are more common these days.

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Me (trying to see where I stand with my nonbinary friends): are we frenbies or enebies

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The reply to this post is the cryptographic signature for this picture of my fursona. So if anyone asks "Is this Grace's skunkgirl?" You can mathematically prove that it is.


I can count the number of star tracks I've seen on one hand, so that could be part of my gimmick

the guy in this video said "there are three main points" and it activated the don't marry movement lobe in my brain

well, that or the one where I'm cosplaying sunset shimmer and laughing in a star trek captain's chair, but for different reasons

sometimes i think I should get a better webcam, but sometimes I think the shitty quality is good

I have also never seen Meet Dave, but I'm led to believe it's about a spaceship man who's horny for a human woman

food, open mouth 

I'd bring a big hard drive with stuff saved on it, but I think I'd also try to just listen to all these dang records and cassettes

it's not *all* racists, there's just a lot of them and valve doesn't moderate

shout out to the guy on tf2 who's name is "lmao david koch is dead"

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