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Me (trying to see where I stand with my nonbinary friends): are we frenbies or enebies

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The reply to this post is the cryptographic signature for this picture of my fursona. So if anyone asks "Is this Grace's skunkgirl?" You can mathematically prove that it is.

this may not be "politically correct", but I never really "got" cranberries. grapes are fine

I think this phrase a lot, and I can't post it because not only did I already say it, this is why I made that wifelife bot!

I've seen a Hawaii plate, a Guam plate, and an Alaska plate since moving here, so I think there's some magic at work

a unicorn, too, which is even rarer than the majestic one-horned convict

Saw a Guam license plate this morning, which is the license plate version of seeing a unicon

so, like, are we all gonna ignore that DashEquals guy, a high schooler, having an account on the gab development instance

food mention? 

Look at this place. Three stories, elevators, all kinds of space for your death rays, girls, maid beds...

I really just wanna move into this abandoned Sears and make it an escape room, laser tag, nerf arena and/or queer supervillainy hideout

stream over! dang, afternoon seems to be the time to do these things. thanks to @korpspropaganda for streaming with me, and for everyone in the chat who stopped by! these are for @BestGirlGrace , and @websterleone ... (1/2, #nsfw)

it's not just because most of my warm weather wear is shorts and I don't have a lot of shoes that don't require socks. it's about sending a message

wearing cargo shorts and Crocs to let the straights know that I look good in anything

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