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Me (trying to see where I stand with my nonbinary friends): are we frenbies or enebies

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The reply to this post is the cryptographic signature for this picture of my fursona. So if anyone asks "Is this Grace's skunkgirl?" You can mathematically prove that it is.

Grace knocking it out of the park and relating to the youngsters with a timely New Coke joke

kids these days are into doing the Fortnite floss
but they care not about

@TommyWiseau won't follow me because he's afraid of my raw power. It intimidates him and inspires respect. Both a blessing and a curse, really.

*sampling today's Coke Zero from the vending machine* ah, an excellent selection today. my compliments to the chef

combining this with my Hollywood Upstairs Medical College shirt to make people think I'm from California

*longingly gazes at the enbycott, located safely behind glass and requiring two keys turned simultaneously to open* no... it's too powerful

And now, with the smut posted, I can go sleep. Follow your dreams, everyone.

Amending The Con-stitution 2: The Right To Fox Ears (long, hypnokink, costumes, lovestruck, cheerleaders) Show more

I'm conflicted because my mom makes these really good cookies, but the recipe she uses is this photocopied newspaper column labeled "Hillary Clinton's Bipartisan Oatmeal Cookies"

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